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6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
Northern California
I have read extensively around the forums and gotten a lot of good info here. I figured i might as well take the plunge and create an account so i can be social with like minded people. I think my facebook friends need a break from my poultry talk.

I raise mostly exotic breeds, although i lost almost 20 of my favorite birds recently to my neighbor's rampaging dog. Pretty heartbroken about that still, but such is farm life. I have a little splash sizzle hen that is possibly the most spoiled princess on the west coast. She sleeps in a warm, dry basket in the house and eats her breakfast out of the compost bucket in the kitchen before going outside to hang out with her friends. She hops up on the door sill and pecks to get let in when she wants a treat or it's bed time. Sometimes she doesn't feel like going outside and just follows me around the house. I often wonder if she knows she's a chicken.

Anyways... hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Glad you joined us! Sounds like you have a nice flock, though I'm sorry for the loss of your hens.
Welcome to BYC
Sorry to hear about your losses. I hope the neighbour compensated you? Your little house hen reminds me of a hen I had in my teens that used to come sleep in my bedroom at night. She'd peck at the window to be let in.

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