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May 20, 2015
Hey all, my name is Amber. My mom and I are getting our new little babies in just under a month now. We ordered from McMurray. We are getting 8 buff orps and 8 austras. I'm very excited to get our new babies. We are getting ready to build a brood box to hold them for 6 weeks. Also trying to find a nice coop that will hold them all but not break the bank. Any suggestions are welcomed! Thanks all!
Nice to meet you Amber welcome to BYC. Any chance you have something at home that could be converted to a coop ie., a garden shed, a section of a stable, etc?
Have you checked your area's Craig's list, often they have dog runs, coops etc at very good prices. Sometimes people are even giving away a coop and throw the birds and feed bag in with it.
No we don't have any sheds, we would like a nice looking coop since we live in a neighborhood. definitly don't want someone else's chickens ours have been ordered for almost a month. We are just waiting for them to have enough chicks. We are getting all hens.

We're glad you joined!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
You may want to check out the -Coop & run, design construction and maintenance section.

We purchased a Henhouse blue print from DIY. It is adorable. We have 4 Astralorpe, The hen house has 4 nesting boxes. The hens don't use separate boxes. They usually go in the same nesting box. I have seen two hens in the house at the same time but using different boxes. They do not all lay eggs at the same time. We had just finished this little house at the time of the snapshot. The house is painted a cream white and we added shutters and the trim is a deep red. Opposite side of the hen house is a wide door for cleaning out nest or gathering eggs. Also, on the back side, there is a lid over the nesting boxes. In the summer, we keep the back open for extra ventilation. We added a long small pole to the top of the hen house for them to roost. With the back lid open, one can look through the front door and see all the nesting boxes for chicken snakes. Good luck!
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I agree, Craig's List is a good place to look. My daughter found a Great Dane size all wire dog crate for me on Craig's List, that only cost $40.00. It even still has the tray for the bottom. Every time I look at it I think what a nice brood pen it would be. And as soon as my pup stops flinging the stuffing out of dog pillows when I'm gone, the crate is moving outside. With a few modifications, it will be perfect.
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My stepdad used to be a carpenter unfortunately he suffered pretty bad injuries falling off a roof so in don't think he can handle a coop but he's going to build a brooder box in our garage 4x8 with a wire top. We are looking at the rent to own sheds or coops even tho they are expensive they have the look we are really wanting and the sizes. We have 16 chicks coming and 1 freebie (McMurray offers a free fancy chick with order) plus I'm sure there will be a couple extras thrown in to cover for casualties

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