Help! 12 week old male or female?

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Jan 16, 2012
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Hi! I hatched out 11 mixed breed eggs and I am trying to tell their gender. Some are obvious but others have me stumped! The father is a gorgeous EE roo and he is very colorful with huge tail feathers. My hens are also very colorful with the eggception ;) of a few. Mostly they are EE and RIR, & Delawares. Can anyone help me??
all 3 look like roos to me.

#1 has very dark red on the wings and you can see the shiny pointed saddle feathers on top of its back
#2 again the red on the wings is darker then the rest of the body, a rooster characteristic
#3 those shiny more sloping feathers on his wings and his neck hackles just scream rooster

edit: posted almost at the same time you posted #4

I am thinking rooster but the angle is a bit difficult to see. The hackles(neck) look too long and slender for a pullet
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I know how that goes. My personal best was 21 roosters out of 22 chicks hatched in 1 batch...... You always get what you don't want it seems... my four 3 week old black leghorns look to be 3 boys and 1 girl once again too. Gotta love it!
all appear to be cockerels

x2 sorry
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