HELP! 2 Guineas Dead/Missing

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by pinkforestcall, Oct 26, 2015.

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    First, let me start off by saying I am a beginner and this is my first year having chickens as well as guineas. Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated.

    I had 6 guineas and 16 chickens (some bantam breeds). They free range during the day (5 acres) and then roost in a large coop at night. There have been a few times when a couple of the guineas would not naturally go into the coop at night and instead they would roost on top of the coop which is 90 inches tall.

    Last night I went to close the coop door and 4 guineas were inside, but 2 were on top of the coop and I could tell they were there to stay for the night! Already sitting and completely quiet.

    This morning when I got up, I went to open the coop door and the 2 guineas were missing. I let the 4 who had been inside out, and I could tell they were calling for their 2 friends. It's been all day and the 2 guineas have NOT returned. I found one LARGE pile of feather with a piece of flesh and bone. There are two piles of poop in the feathers as well. (one pile of poop is in the feathers, the other is outside)

    I want to know what kind of poop this does not look like guinea poop because it is far too large. I don't see any footprints around the area....there are no bodies either or blood.

    What could of done this? What could take TWO guineas out?

    My husband and I have tried to chase two guineas around at night before to get them into their coop- and at night they seems really confused and not "with it" like they are during the day. Do they not have good vision at night?

    Why would they have come down from the top of the coop (roof) at night? Maybe they came down during dawn...and got killed.

    I'm pretty discouraged by this..and frustrated. I know it's bound to happen...but I'm still disappointed. I raised them from little babies. They are my favorite- way over the chickens.[​IMG]
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    Im not a pro here on scat, but my guess would be raccoon. They would climb on the coop to get the birds.
    Droppings from raccoon tend to be 2-3 inches long and 1/2-inch wide (like a dog's) and are often filled with remnants of what they have been eating lately. For example, if they are eating corn, you will often find corn remnants in the droppings. The same occurs when they are eating fruit etc.

    Droppings frequently are found in piles (called latrines or toilettes) on roofs, in attics, in sandboxes, and areas open to the sky.
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    Jul 19, 2015
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    I put mine up in the run about 45 minutes before the sun starts to go down. The chickens head into the coop on their own at the time, but the guineas don't go into the cop until right at dark and if I don't have them in the run they act like they are somewhere they've never been, screaming and flying up to the coop or run roof, and so on. I had enough of chasing them at dusk! Plus, it helps me know I'm beating any early nocturnal predators.

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