Help! 2 Month old Americana chick suddenly can not walk!


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May 23, 2014
I have a two month old Americana chick that has lost its ability to stand or walk seemingly overnight. I saw her walking and running around yesterday and today when I woke up she can not stand up and pushes her legs on the grounds to shove her body along. If you try to stand her up she falls over automatically. If you hold her up in the air then she flaps her legs around. She has walked fine for her whole life this is a totally new thing! The other chick that is being raised with her is perfectly fine. What should I do? I have been told to put nutrient drench in her water but other than that is there anything I can do? What is going on?
I'm sorry about that. It looks like your chick might have a disease. It's best that you quarantine your bird for a couple of days. Let me know how it's doing when you reply. I hope it's nothing more serious.

Hopefully this helped!
The Chick Has been In quarantine for two days now. She has had no improvements but has also not gotten any worse. She has trouble eating or drinking on her own because she can not reach food dishes laying on her side even when they are in low dishes. Does anyone have ANY idea whats going on?
If she is laying on her side I don't think there is much you can do. If you can take her to a vet I would do that. If she is not eating or drinking try syringing some water down her.
Did you try any vitamins, if so which one?
Was she vaccinated for Marek's?

It's possible she may have a VitaminB2 (riboflavin) deficiency, but the above posters suggested it also could be a disease.
Marek's comes to mind, but without testing there is no way of really knowing. If you have a vet that can see her that would be best.


she was vaccinated for mereks so I doubt that it is that. She is on an electrolyte solution that we bought at our local co-op.
Electrolytes are not the same thing as Vitamins. Does yours have vitamins mixed in with the electrolytes? What are you feeding and how old is your feed? If there could be rancid oils in it those couls be the culprit.

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