Help! 2 week old chick with "sticky feathers"

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    Nov 10, 2016
    I hope someone can answer this 'cause i really don't know[​IMG] she/he hatched last, and never really "fluffed out". While it's siblings got all poofy, it stayed kind of wet looking. I kind of hoped it would get better, and i even gave it a bath.. however, now they are two weeks old, and while its siblings have gotten pretty wing feathers, this ones are still kind of "tubed" and stuck together. And they even seem to curl the wrong way. (They are Cubalayas, so no frizzle breed) I have noooo clue what it is. It eats and drinks, but looks a vit smaller than the rest. The picture is from a week ago or so. Hope someone can help :confused: :([​IMG]
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    When you gave it a bath did you use a drop or two of dawn----and really suds/clean it, then rinse?? My second concern is the red glow---looks like they are under a heat lamp. Have you used a thermometer to check the floor temp is correct and make sure You are ONLY heating one end of your brooder---not the whole thing-they gotta have a cooler area----just concerned?
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