Help! 2nd hen now sick!


11 Years
Jul 10, 2009
Deep in the Heart of Texas
OK, you 7 yr. old Buff Orp died 4 days ago. I found her sitting under a bush with a really dirty, smelly poopy butt. She was very lethargic and I picked her up and put her in the coop . I found her dead the next morning. I thought the poor old girl died of old age.

tonight I went to lock up the coop and was missing my 2 yr. old RIR hen. Found her on the other side of the yard just standing there. She is not usually friendly, but she let me walk right up and pick her up. Smelly, poopy butt. Not good. I separated her in another coop with food and water. Now, I'm very worried that its something bad and contagious.

Any ideas? I have 14 hens and 1 rooster.

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