Help, 2x 2mth old chicks underweight and fading fast/Update: RIP.


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Mar 3, 2007
4 hours from Sydney Australia
Hi ,
I have 2: 2 mth old silky chicks who have not gained weight. There siblings are twice the size of them, this has all happened really suddenly and I am guilty of not watching them as much as usual as ive had orpahned lambs, doves and magpies to look after!!
Now I noticed them sitting together in the shade on the grass and not foraging like the others too.
I picked them both up[ and could feel their little breastbones protruding. As they are silkies, this wasnt evident until now due to feather cover.They are so underweight and undersize.

fall over frontward when trying to run with wings spanned.
NOW: lying down and too weak to stand up.
loss of appetite for food and water.
No other symptoms visible.

I have tried hydrating with water and vitamin/mineral boost in it which they accept but only through squeezing cotton wool ball soaked.
Is there anything else I can try????
No one sells electrolytes for chickens, however i could try childrens one if advised it is safe.
Thanks for any help.
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What are the temps?
coci? worms? separate and monitor their water and feed intake and offer them free choice yogurt.
please describe droppings..color and consistency.

check crops...for any lumps, or grainy feeling.
check mouths for whitish or yellowish plaque or sores.
check for odor.

can you have a fecal test done at a vet's?

sounds like they are weak from lack of food or absorption problem..(such as cocci or worms)
Yes they certainly smell !!
Poor little fellas, i feel so helpless here Ive never had a sick baby before.
these babies were hatched from eggs which i got from a lady in another nearby town and I placed them under a broody .
Normal poos, though smelly.
Ive never asked the vet for a test before as ive never had a disease outbreak.
Perhaps ill try some sugared water, The white one wont eat at all, however maybe if i try some yoghurt through a syringe?
So ill go out and buy some yoghurt, its 10.10 pm here now but its worth giving her some sustanance as she hasnt eaten solids today.
The little Black one is still walking around and eating though is much smaller as well but is much less active too.
I had a feeling that they may have been attacked or stood on by the 2 light sussex which have just started going broody and figured that they just needed time to recuperate.
The size is what sets them apart from their siblings.
Thankyou for repliesX
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I am not sure but it sounds as tho these are outside between some other breeds also? Try separating them...
Thanks Di, I have just realised that ive had my fantail pigeons here for 6 weeks.
I wonder if they picked up something as they may have weak immune systems?
The 2 sick ones are separated.
Im still searching for other foods to try and forcefeed.
Sorry, the weather here is HOT!! and its Autumn now, strange weather indeed.
The little white chick still has a gleam in her eye and i cant give up on her just yet, i wish to try anything to save her. Of course if it was an injury I would have euthanized. Im so weak too.
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Hot weather: the birds will eat less so they need to have a supplement added to concentrate their nutrition... it is advised not to give them feed four to five hours before the hottest part of the day (so remove feed till the evening).
set out pans of water to cool their feet. Watch out for panting and give electrolytes.
In hot weather I like to take a watermelon and scoop out an indentation and give their feed in gets moist (helping with dehydration) and the red color of the watermelon encourages them to peck. Do not let the yogurt set out during the warm part of the day time but do leave the watermelon (I have found mine will peck at it when they avoid the waterer ...again helping against dehydration)
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Thanks again Di, There is plenty of shade in my yard and they hang out under the trees most of the day.
I just found a shop open and got some yoghurt and gave it to the really weak white chick by syringe. She loved it. I have her inside in a hospital box on a nice comfy towel. Im going out to bring in the black chick after I give her a dose too.
Thanks again
Ok, ive been up late last night with her (white chick), fed yoghurt, sugar water thru syringe though she couldnt hold her head up .
This morning she had childrens multi vit liquid boost neat followed by water thru syringe with head support.
She is now in a coma? I reckon she is comatose, still breathing just like my dad did when he was comatose.
Just gentle shallow breaths and the rest of her is asleep.
I dont wish to interfere any further, I just want her to go off peacefully.
I only tried to treat her as i thought shes such a little fighter and still alive after 2 days of this, i didnt wish to give up on her.
I feel she is too far gone to treat and I feel devastated that with all the dramas going on here that i missed the chance to treat her when i should have.
I feel like &*&*(^ I have never had an animal die like this.
I feel that it was red blood sucking mite infestation as they are all over her. I killed them all and any that jumped on to me were squashed with great satisfaction.
My silkies have never had mites like this before and I wasnt ready.

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