HELP! 8 week old chick got all skin and feathers pecked off her head!


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Jul 25, 2013
We just found one of our 8 week old chicks that we put in with the big chickens a few days ago with ALL her skin and feathers pecked/ripped off her head. I put some antibiotic ointment on her head, since that's all I could think of doing. I can clearly see her bone. It is so graphic. (shudder) what else can I do? Will she survive?
I took the other three chicks out of the chicken coop and put them back in a box in our basement. Now I'm not sure how long to keep them there before puting them back into the coop with the older birds and how to keep them safe. Any suggestions?
Here is a pic of her head. :(
The whitish stuff is the antibiotic ointment.
Anyone??? I feel so bad for her. :( I really don't know what else to do, if anything, and kids keep asking if she will live. :(
She needs to be isolated by herself which is lonely, so if you have a feather duster or small stuffed animal, it would be good to put it with her. Are her eyes okay? Keep antibiotic ointment on the wounds for a few days. The when it is healing, get some BluKote in the dab on kind that can be applied with an applicator instead of spray. Then she might be able to go back in with her peeps while youto keep a close eye out. Watch her for developing wry or crook neck. Chicks should not be mixed with olders until they are close in size, andit has to be done gradually over a week or two with both groups separated by a fence of some kind. Good luck.
Thank you so much for the reply! I will put a stuffed animal next to her in the box. She does look lonely. :( Her eyes are ok. She's sleeping a lot but did drink some water. She just started to show interest in the food. I'll keep putting on the ointment for the next 2 or so days. Is that enough? I'll go buy some BluKote tomorrow.
How long do you think it will take for new skin to grow? will feathers grow too?
I will definitely separate them for at least a week before letting them in the same coop again.
I feel so bad 'cause I feel like it's my fault. :(
Ok. she started to move a lot and tried to jump out of the box so now the skin that was on the back of the head "dropped" a little more exposing her neck and it looks a lot worse. Can this actually heal or is she just going to die eventually and I'm making her suffer?

Chickens have remarkable healing powers. As long as the wound is kept clean, does not become infected, and doesn't get picked on further, she may heal just fine. She may end up bald-headed, though.

I had a few birds survive similar scalpings over the years.
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