HELP - A chick just died for no reason!

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  1. IdealisticRoo

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    Oct 18, 2010
    *big lump in my throat

    One of my chicks just died. They arrived Friday and all 27 have been happy and healthy. They all seemed fine when I check food and cleaned waterer this morning. I just went in and checked on them and saw one sleeping that was being stood on. It was still moving a little, but obviously in its last throes. I held it for a bit, checked its vent (clean), opened its beak (empty) and I could tell it was still breathing. Its eyes were watering, and it was obviously not going to make it, so it turned its neck so it wouldn't have to suffer.

    DId I do the right thing? WHAT should I do to check the others? THey all seem happy and healthy. They are in a tote on paper towels with a heat lamp on them and the are scattered nicely like the temp is good. THey all eat a lot and poo a lot. THe room they are in stays about 70 degrees and they are next to my incubator so a litlle extra heat comes their way.

    Any advice?

    THank you

    a greiving parent
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    It may simply have been trampled. I lost one like that. And yes, you did the right thing - I tried to save the hurt one and just made it suffer longer. When they get broken inside, there's not much you can do.
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    Yes, you did the right thing, it was dying. It could be that it just didn't handle the stress of being shipped like it's cage mates. It's not abnormal to lose one like this.

    I would suggest keeping a lamp that will give them a spot to warm under that is at least 90 degrees. They need warmer temps at first, then you can gradually raise the
    lamp (to lower the temp. a few degrees at a time, giving time to acclimate). By giving them a lamp at one end they can warm themselves up if needed. If they get too
    warm they can move to the other end where it's not heated.

    Edited to add this from another thread:

    eschwaderer wrote:

    1 week - 95 F
    2 weeks - 90 F
    3 weeks - 85 F
    4 weeks - 80 F
    5 weeks - 75 F
    They can easily survive periods outside this range ( they do when they are with their momma). But they will always need to be warmed back up until they are fully feathered and of a size that is able to retain enough heat on their own. Too low of an average temperature will delay their growth since a significant portion of their energy production will go to keeping themselves warm and not growing. Two weeks is too soon for no supplemental heat IMHO. If your brooder isn't large enough for a warm and a cool side you will just have to fine tune your lamp height for a while.

    Ms~Silkie~Girl wrote:

    yup thats about it except at 6 weeks they can go to 70 degrees, but you don't necessarily have to use a thermometer just look at their body language if they are buched up on top of eachother they are too cold, and if they are spread out on the edge of the brooder trying to get away from the heat then its too hot, if they are spread out equaly acting normal they are fine
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    Oct 18, 2010
    THank you.

    I wanted to add that they are all drinking normally and I wash my hands before I handle them or any of their feeders or waterers.

    I hope this is just isolated incident

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