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    Mar 20, 2017
    Hi All
    First time poster and kinda a newbie. Growing up we raised RIR's but haven't had chickens in 25 years so I need some pointers. Here are some details[SIZE

    I am living in a residential/urban area..( I can have 4 hens in a proper enclosure) I got a TSC coop ( 84 in x 42 in 57 in) that I will already be reinforcing and I plan to have 3 or 4 hens. I know this coop gets mixed reviews hence why I'll re enforce because I really have no tools or the skill to built and this was cute and would look nice in a residential backyard. So here are some questions:

    Since this will be stationary what would be the best to use as bedding that would be easy to clean and keep the girls happy?

    Should I put plywood down and then bed it or just use bare ground? ( I am in central Florida...btw)

    The chicks will be day old when I get them at what age can they go into the coop? I can't remember how long they were in our kitchen growing

    What breeds will be best for this lifestyle? I can choose what I want and I'd like a mix...I know I was a Buff Offerinton but what others would be gentle, quite and get along well? I am not looking for mass egg production just enough for my family.

    My yard is fenced would it be possible to let them out in yard? Would they go back into coop on there own at dusk or would I need to catch them? On the farm we didn't worry about it.

    This is not a impulse buy or hobby I am just in a better time in my life for them and I know that this is a good time of the year to catch good deals on the stuff I will need to get started.

    Anything info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!!!!
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    Mar 20, 2017

    I'm new and just joined here also. I just ordered some Australorps because I read they are really friendly, but quiet. I used to have ducks and now I have three boys that are looking forward to having pet chickens, so I wanted a breed that would not mind being carried around or messed with. There are other breeds that are friendly, such as the Buff Orphingtons, but it's just a matter of buyer preference. Also, if you are working with them daily as I assume you will be, then they should get used to being handled.

    Regarding the flooring, I have read that river sand is really good and easy to keep clean and eliminates the odors. I would think living in Florida that you have a lot of sand, so the girls should be happy.

    Also, I read that you should wait at least two weeks to put the birds outside, because they need to have all their feathers. Again, I'm new to the chicken thing. But, I used to keep my ducks in the house until they had their feathers and were big enough to fend for themselves. We didn't have a fancy coup for them, they were just running freely around the yard and had a live trap that was made to catch wild hogs and the holes were small enough that other animals could not get them but they could run in and out as needed. Now, I'm searching through different coup ideas around this site to get my 'honey do list' ready for my very wonderful husband.

    If you feed the birds a little snack in their coup before 'bedtime' they will start going in on their own. Most birds will go into their coup because they feel safe there.

    Good luck with your chicken search.

    I found a website that has a chart to help you find the right chicken. When I locate it I will add it here.
  3. nasr69

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    Mar 20, 2017
    Thank you for replying! I also think Ill be getting a Austrlop for the same reason you
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