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Please help!!

I have 3 cochin hens and one white roo. I picked up an 8 month blue roo 6 days ago. I'd love for him to 'meet' my hens. I currently have him separated from the rest that are free range. I've kept him in a fenced area where the white roo can see him. They try to fight through the fence. I figured that since I've had him 6 days, maybe it was time to let him out with the others.

The fighting began right away. I let the 2 roos go at it for about 15-20 minutes. They seemed to be getting tired, but weren't stopping. And by then, both of them were bleeding! I couldn't stand it any longer! I put the young blue roo back in the fenced area. I'm afraid they would fight until one dies (does that really happen?) What do I do??? Please...any insight with this would be appreciated!!

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Hmm... thats bad. I would have kept him separate (but within sight of the other roo) for about a month. Now thats its too late though, put some stuff on the bleeding roosters (neosporin, clean the wound, try to them up) and keep them seperate (and again within sight of each other) for a few weeks. Let them see each other, but no fighting allowed.
blood is too much. My two silkies stayed separate-but-together (one imprisoned in one coop, one in the other, but the coops were next to each other with some plexiglass and wire in between them) and when i let them run together, they pecked for a few minutes and havent done anything since!
First, welcome! Second, 2 roos for 3 hens is WAY too much testosterone for one coop to handle! The boys will fight. You need to build a second coop for your new fella with some girls of his own! OR....get rid of one boy. If you left two boys with 3 girls, the girls would lose feathers from over mating and may also bleed where the feathers are missing eventually, and could be too stressed to lay and may cease doing so. Really, you probably need more hens for the one rooster as it is...the ideal ratio is 10 or 12 hens per rooster so everyone gets some "attention" without being harassed. With so few hens, I truly doubt you will ever be able to integrate a second rooster. Hope this helps!
I agree. Two Roos and three hens, those poor girls will sure be tired if the Roos ever do stop fighting. I know that doesn't help any but look at it this way, a good excuse to get more chickens
And welcome to BYC
Rarely will a rooster accept a newcomer as an adult. Besides, you have way too few hens--you need about 20 hens for 2 roosters or the poor girls will be worn out with the boys competing for mating privileges.

Plus, you didn't quarantine the new boy long enough. That needs to be at least four weeks.
I too live in NC and depending on how far you can travel, I looked on craigslist for surrounding areas and found an ABUNDANCE of cochins to choose from...I currently only have one cochin and he's a boy so that wouldn't help.... good luck! : )

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