HELP!!! Advice needed ASAP!


8 Years
May 26, 2011
Hi all - I'm new our chickens and love it when we add to our beautiful flock!

Currently our eggs are hatching - so far 2 have hatched and are alive and well...

Only problem is mama is laying on the rest of the eggs up in the feeder, high off the group.....the remaining 8 or so eggs have not hatched yet.

Any ideas as to how to give the chick's access to food and water while not stressing out mama?? We're scared if we move the chicks away from mama and bring them out from under her to allow food/water access that mama will lose interest in the remaining unhatched babies....

Any ideas??


How long ago did they hatch? If its been less than 2-3 days, they should be fine for the time being. They absorb the yolk before hatching....which means they don't have to have food/water for 48 hours or so. Although, with the babies I hatch inside and put in the brooder...they have access to food/water with 12-24 hours of hatching...

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