HELP AGAIN! Ganders fighting in nest area, gosling out


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
I heard a noise - ran out and the two ganders were in the nest area next to the nest going at it in a head lock,
one gosling out of the nest on the ground trying to climb back into the nest...

She hatched one yesterday around 2pm. It's fluffy and moving around now apparently.

The other hatched this morning and the rest are all eggs with cracks/holes/etc.

I put water and food in there near the nest.

The ganders had been coming and going and being good about it all until just NOW.

They had each other in a headlock. Banging into each other with their wrings in the chest of each other.

I pulled them out of her nest area, they were at it!

I tried to pull their beaks off each other not touching their necks/etc. I got them apart for a sec and
they slammed into each other again. Like two stupid bar room fighters throwing punches.

I finally (screaming for help) just picked up the smaller gander and the other one let go but then bit me on the arm and hit my hand with his wing --- I have a huge whelp on my hand now and huge bruise/bite on my arm.

I ran to the house with him and the other chased us.

I put one in a pen and the other is outside running around.

Can I let them out now - is this over? I need ot keep them both away from mamma and the nest while hatching apparently?

Will they be ok - did they hurt each other - sure hurt my hand.... and I am afraid if I let them out again they will get into it again.

How do you really break up a gander fight? What caused this?? Having chicks is stressful enough!!
Wow. You are having an exciting day.

My guess is one of your boys decided that the gosling was HIS and he needed to protect it. I have not had this experience. Our 5 adults are brooding their babies together. I think the extra eyes are great. It would be helpful for Mama goose to have a gander to help watch out for the brood, but if they are going to fight, I don't think you need two in there. Can you pick one to put in with Mama and separate the other one for now?
Which one?

Clyde was her original mate we got her with him. Brought them home and Louie took her over -- Clyde was sad so we got an Embden for him (Bonnie). They paired and seemed to get along, for the past month or so - he was good to her and fattened her up to set and all and when current momma came off her nest she would run to Louie and hang around with thim...... Clyde still tended to both geese.... Louie didn't do much just run around with mamma when she got off nest to eat and all..... But I guess Clyde and mamma were originally mated and that isn't going to change and Bonnie is his second mate and Louie is just an extra guy who thinks they are both his and it's all one big MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know who is who's mate anymore!!! That's exactly what happened.

If I put Clyde in there what happens when she comes off nest with babbies and Louie decides she is his mate and they fight AGAIN?!

How do I handle this.....
Now I have to share this picture with you! Join the "Who's dating who?" Club.

Back story: My two gorgeous Toulouse girls decided to co-nest in the entry way of the feed shed.
(Never mind the fact that I built them TWO very nice nest locations that did not involve plywood lean-tos, window pains and buckets filled with water to anchor everything.) ANYWAY. They have a gorgeous and possibly not-that-bright Toulouse male that they love to take naughty dips with in the baby pools.
All three of the Toulouse turned up their snouts when we introduced the Sebbie boys. The girls were AWFUL to them. Its amazing that the Sebastopols had any feathers left after the wringing those girls put them through. So obviously I did not observe any cross breed romance. In fact, I never even thought to separate them, because obviously my gray geese were not going to be touched by gutter-trash like those boys.

Exhibit A: Photo of my co-nesting Toulouse girls allowing not one, but 2 Sebastopol ganders into the nest with them.
The whole group hatched 8 Toulouse (I think) in the nest, I've hatched 2 in the bator, and the last is pipping as we speak.
In the photo are the 3 sebastopol babies, that the group also adopted. The Toulouse boy is allowed to roam with the group, but NOT in the nest at night.


So where are my pairs?

I would pick whoever you assume is going to be the best daddy in with your babies right now. It sounds like you'll have a month or more between hatches. Maybe put the other male in to stand guard over your other nesting goose? You might be able to re-blend everyone after she hatches?
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Clyde is the best daddy -- by 100% but if he goes in with Nanna and bonds and all when she comes out he will be haning with her - Louie is an idiot when it comes to fathering.

Bonnie is on nest - Clyde needs to tend to her like he did Nanna. I can't wait 28 more days to see if they can blend... it's killing me!

Everyone was fine day before yesterday - all of us (entire family) waiting for hatch and joy!
Now it's TRAUMA and stress.

I put Louie in with his mate Nanna tonight - gosling rolled out - he hissed at it and looked at it and watched it roll around. He didn't kill it so.....

Clyde went night with Bonnie... he was ticked!
Broke my heart to separate him - he's worked so hard at this for a month! But Bonnie.... she just sat up same day Nanna is hatching so... she needs him to help her on and off and guard her.... Louie wouldn't do it - he's not a "parent" type.

I will be up at 5:30am to be out there at daylight to see WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

I hate to let Louie out and put Clyde on the scene again... it's confusing to them and I don't want them to fight anymore.

How do you break them up if they start fighting again - my hand was almost broke and I have a huge cherry on my arm where someone bit me!!!

My dad said water hose to the feet/chest stops them
- just like dogs but not hard.

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