Help! Aggressive ameraucana.

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    May 24, 2011
    I looked out at my small coop this morning to find my ameraucana totally beating up my poor buff orp. I have 3 hens and you can see my coop if you check out my page. Lulu (Amer) has always been the leader of the pack, but has never attacked my other ladies like this. I ran out and blocked the entrance to the coop putting my bully outside and the poor victim inside. What can I do? Things to consider: They were all chicks at the same time. Cold weather is just arriving. Egg laying began 2 weeks ago.

    I am panicing. I don't have the ability to sit home and ref this fight all day. I would be heartbroken if Lulu actually hurt one of my other hens. Will this behavior clear up or do I need to send Lulu packing?
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    A way my brother showed me to deal with conflict in the hen house:

    He sets plywood along a couple of walls. The boards are about 12" from the wall and lean against it. Maybe you'd want to tack with a nail to be sure that they really can't tip over.

    Anyway, it gives a nice narrow area a hen can get into and out of - only wide enuf for 1 at a time. Disappearing for 20 or 30 minutes may give the aggressor some time to cool off.

    When we had behavior problems with a bull back on the farm, Dad put a ring in his nose. Makes them think about something other than being "bully" for awhile. Altho' I've never tried them, for chickens, there are pinless peepers (click).

    ETA: You have to be careful about interfering toooo much with the pecking order in the henhouse, however. Unintended consequences may result. Keep an eye on them: the tables may turn &/or more mayhem may ensue and that might not be so good either.

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