HELP! Air or gas out vent with liquid poo.


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Feb 18, 2008
Western NY
My 8 month americana hen looked like she had prolapsed and been pecked around her vent. I brought her in the house, cleaned her up, and put on Prep-H. She has been in a cage in my basement healing for 2 days. I went to check on her last night and she sounds like she is "snoring" out her vent. (Sorry-no better description) She is very lethargic. I don't think she is eating...but I am not sure if maybe she is eating very small ammounts. There is a watery white & slightly green ooze from her bottom that comes out with the gas or air or whatever it is from her bottom. It looks like she is straining. Egg Bound?

What should I do? What is it? My other 11 hens are fine other than a general molt.
I was reading other posts and thought maybe probitics would help. So I mixed some yogurt and oatmeal and took it down to her. She is eating it.

What else should I do?
It does sound like she is egg bound, do you ky on hand? You can use a little of that and try to feel the egg. I hope someone else comes along to help you better.

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