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  1. my chicken keeps on gurgling. I gave her warm water today, also warm olive oil. She is doing well, eats well, drinks well as well. Here is the thing i don't have a vet for her. Should i give her medication? I have had her for a year.She is a brown or red sexlink. Please help me!

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    Gurgling and raspy breathing is usually a sign of a respiratory disease (in my experience, I am not a vet) my birds have had it before. Are there any other symptoms?
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    I agree, usually means the chicken has some kind of respiratory disease. Antibiotic's are recommended since these diseases, whether viral or bacterial, can all turn into pneumonia very quickly. Tylan 50 or Baytril work well. Tylan 50 is available at feed stores. Baytril 10% can be found on-line. Antibiotic's won't cure whatever it is she has, but will help prevent the complications that so often kill the bird.

    Be very careful administering olive oil, it won't do any good at all for this kind of thing and if she aspirates any of it into her lungs she is in trouble.
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    I will add to this that I had a hen awhile back who ate a large amount of long grass clippings after I had mowed, and she got an impacted crop, which led to sour crop. She drank a huge amount of water trying to "wash everything down" and, as a result, was "gurgling" by the time I figured out something was wrong. I had to make her "throw up" several times to get all of the nasty liquid out of her, and she immediately stopped gurgling afterward. Beyond that, I gave her warm olive oil to help get the obstruction passed, and kept her on a diet of soft foods and yogurt for about a week afterward.

    Check to see if your hen's crop is big and swollen up like a tennis ball or softball. She may have an impaction and a sour crop.
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  5. Just wondering, how do you get olive oil in her mouth. When I try, all she does its flap her wings and most of the time she spills the olive oil on my lap.
  6. also she has been drinking water a lot... one of the symptoms she has
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    It definitely seems like sour crop could be the culprit, if she's drinking a lot of water. Your first order of business is to check her crop. If it's full and squishy and she's still gurgling, you will need to (carefully) make her "throw up." Here is a good page talking about diagnosing and treating sour crop. If this is what's going on, you need to act quickly!!
  8. I gave her warm olive oil with a hint of lavender oil for her tonight. Do any of you think that she will change in the morning?

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