Help and rehab for an injured guinea needed


Feb 22, 2015

First time poster here and am hoping someone can help out with some info.

I have a silver guinea fowl female. She is not acting any different to any of the others but I was concerned today about a darkish looking mark on her wing and if it was dried blood.

I observed her for a while and noticed she was pecking at her vent which also looked a little raw.

Caught her and checked and it looks like she may have injured her wing but not recently as the skin was a dried brownish colour and not raw. A few feathers were missing in the area and it didn't look to be giving her any trouble. However she did look to have been pecking at her vent. Again, nothing too bad but a small patch of raw skin and some missing feathers. I have not seen any of the others picking on her so it appears she has done it herself. She did feel quite skinny and underweight too.

I have put her on her own to give her a little healing time but am unsure what to do about the pecking and what to change to put a little meat back on her. I have been feeding them a commercial food specifically for gamebirds and a bit of fresh green veg whatever is at hand and have put some antiseptic lotion on the vent wound and the wing

She is none too happy about being on her own and pacing around and mounted a very good escape attempt when I was putting her water in. Whoever said guineas are dumb should have seen what this little eagle eyed one attempted.

Any advice on how to care for her is appreciated.

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