Help ASAP! I found a baby duck last night!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DuckyAndCo, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Last night I found a tiny muscovy baby duck in our carport. Same thing happened to us 7 months ago with another duck we rescued and now he lives in our backyard.

    My husband does not want to keep another duck so last night he suggested to put the baby duck outside again so the mom would pick him up (we heard the noise of other duck outside but we could not see them). Long story short, other ducks came to see the baby but no one picked him up or baby duck did not follow any of those. We watched from distance.

    This morning I went outside and he was still in under our carport with his belly/chest up and he could not even stand up so I brought him inside (it has been cold here in south FLsince last night) and put him inside a box and some heat lights to keep him warm.
    Since we can not have another duck with us, I was wondering what you guys suggest.
    Should I contact any animal institution for them to take care of this baby duck? If so, which one? I live in south florida. I will only give them this duckling if the animal institution will take care of him, not kill. :(

    Please advise! Thank you.
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    Not sure of FL laws... You could call around and ask locals or mosey on over to the Florida Thread in the Social section and inquire there. Good Luck.
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    I would call the Humane Society as they can direct you to a wildlife care person to take the baby duck.

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