Help ASAP Please, what tools, materials do you use for run? :)


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Oct 5, 2010
New Jersey
Hi everyone. I know this is crazy, but I'm a single mom who has 3 days off now, to build a run by myself for my 8 ducks! I've been reading the boards for ideas etc.. for a while now, but still need some help. I want to make a basic, wood and hardware cloth run, not sure what's best for the ground , what size wood to use for framing and posts, and what tools I'll need. I'd appreciate any advice!!! Thanks!!
So, right now I have an 8 x 10 Shed that they stay in at night. I stapled a cheap sheet of linoleum over the wood floor, and pine shavings/chips covering the floor.

During part of the day right now, they are in a cheap pre made run, that is not very safe, or predator proof. I'm trying to plan a large run that i'll attach to the shed.
i'd need to make a pop door too. My main confusion is what to do on the ground in the run.
I'm thinking wood framing and hardware cloth for the walls of the run. , part hardware cloth /part plastic or tin for the roof of the run. unfortunately there is not much sun at all in this area, but i can't move the shed to a sunnier part of the yard. Right now the ground is covered with ivy. I plan to clear that, (what's the best way?) and use something like pea gravel, and sand? I also want to put in a pond in the run, but that will be the next project.... This is for 8 large ducks, lol, and still growing. How big should i make it? ANY advice at all would be greatly appreciated!!! :) thanks! (pics of duckies and shed to come soon!!)

OH, and they do free range whenever i can be outside with them, and i have two baby pools, that they've quickly grown out of, but still play in!
Good questions - You don't really need to do anything with the ground if you don't want to - but if you do - pull the ivy by hand & you can use any number of things to cover the ground. Sand, wood chips etc.

If it were me - unless there was a lot of mud to deal with I would leave it alone.

You have the right idea for the run - build as big as you can - & how sturdy depends on the predators you have in your area. Some places have to deal with mink & other small critters that can find a way in through crazy small spaces. Where I am its coons & hawks I need to worry about so my fence can have lots of gaps.

go slow & measure everything - you will need a saw, hammer or screw driver, staple gun maybe for the hardware cloth or chicken wire. Maybe a shovel if you plan to set posts in the ground.

That should be about all you need.
Ours is designed for predator elimination because we are in a zone near the woods. We also have heavy snow and high winds. You can see how we used construction materials in the links below- enjoy! It's quite an experience...
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