HELP! Baby chicken is blind and having trouble eating

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  1. benoitkim79

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    May 10, 2016
    I just got 4 LF cochin chicks from a feed store and I'm pretty sure one is blind. The chicks are about 6 days old. She is smaller than the rest, weak, and cries all the time. She doesn't drink water unless we put her beak in it. She's barely eating. We put some food on a small lid and she pecks but doesn't get much. She pecks at the air. She stumbles around. What can I give her to eat that might be easier? Everyone keeps telling me to euthanize her. I can't do that though. She's my lil Nugget. She also has pasty butt but we have been cleaning her.[​IMG]
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    Apr 26, 2017
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    So sorry about the little chick. Even if she makes it to adulthood, she may be eaten or picked on if she can't see. She probably will not be able to eat or drink without constant help, which means you will have to stay with her all the time. She will be unable to get in the coop. If you want to, you could keep her in the house and take her outside for daily walks. If you don't want a chicken in the house, the best option for the chicken would probably be to euthanize her. Something that might be easier would maybe be a mush instead of grain because she has to aim her peck to get grain. I think that you can save her, but it will take a lot of around the clock care. Make sure the other chicks don't start beating up on her. The poor chick. Good luck!

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