HELP! baby turkey with broken leg

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by somergal, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. somergal

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    Jul 9, 2009
    picked up a baby turkey along the side of the road that had been hit by a car. It appears that she broke her leg. It's been 6 days and now she is able to get up on both legs for few seconds, one of her wings seems injured also. Any suggestions for how to splint it and take care of this wild baby turkey. We have been feeding her bird food, worms and water. I just want her to be able to go back into the wild without getting preyed upon. Thanks!
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  2. Harp Turkey Ranch

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    You can take pipe cleaners or Popsicle sticks and place on both sides of the break and then tape them on, making sure that the turkey can't bend its leg. Depending on how the injuries heal, it may never make it back to the wild, if it doesn't heal 100%

    Call around in your area and see if there is a wildlife refuge around you, they would be more able to care and rehab to be released back in the wild if it can be and if it can't then they will home it in a safe place.
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    If you cant figure out the wildlife service then ask the parks department. They usually have a good person to refer you to.
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    Parks Depts and fish and game often dispatch wildlife in need of rehab or care. Worked with them too often not to at least post the warning.
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    Jul 8, 2009
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    try to call authorites or firmly tape it

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