Help!!! Best use of space.


14 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Hill Country Texas
I have a 10X15 ft space to use to build a structure. The 10 foot part is from the wall of the house to the wood fence. I was going to only go 6ft wide so that I would have about 4 foot of access to the side of the house and put the other side up against the wood fence.

So the foot print is 6 foot wide by 15 ft long. I was going to build a big rectangle with 2x4's. My question is what would be the optimal size for the coop vs the run? They will all be as one so what percentage of there space should be open vs closed elevated Coop?

Check with your local building department for fire access regulations. In most localities they would frown against your plan, not to mention your home owner's insurance company. They will more than likely refuse to pay a claim in case of any type of loss.
The recommended space is 4 sf coop and 10 sf for run

6 x 15 is 90 sf

so for about 6 chickens you could do 24 sf interior and 60 sf exterior. with a little leftover. You could do more chickens if they are allowed to free range.

Make sure the neighbors on the other side of the fence don't object. Most places require coops be located away from property lines. Good Luck


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