help, bill problem on call duckling....


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
My duckling has an underbite. I don't think she has any nostrals anymore either. She is a week and two days old. She started out fine and with in a couple of days i noticed she wasn't clearing her nostrals under water like thier suppose to. Then just in the past couple of days it has progressed to no nostrals and the top of her bill is groing widder but not longer, so now she has an underbite. She breaths with her bill open. I have told myself she isn't going to make it, am i right? She also has a funny colour on her bill, like a bluish purple so i think she isn't getting enough oxygen. I know what some people would tell me what to do wigh this little girl but i can't bring myself to doing that. I've worked realy hard bringing these little call ducks into the world and i'm hopeing i'm wrong about her. I've got children and grandchildren with asthma and i would never think of putting them out of thier misery. thanks in advance, Angie. I am going to try to get a pic of her without stressing her out cause then she has a hard time breathing.
I've tried this once, i will try again. Here are some pics, i wish i would have noticed this sooner.


I know. I'm checking on her every ten minutes. I won't be able to sleep. I know she's having trouble breathing and it's realy bothering me, i mean it hurts me when i see her and hear her breathing. What can i do????
Were her nostrils open when she hatched? Looks like she was either born deformed and it is just getting worse as she grows, or she had some kind of injury very early which caused it to grow that way. If she had nostrils clear them, probably the only thing you can do.
She looked normal the first couple of days and then i noticed it looked like she wasn't clearing her nostrils like the other ones. I put her in a little bowl by herself to see if she would clean her face under water the way the others do. It took her awhile but she did. I think it has progressed daily and that it comes from one of my breeding pair. I've already had a duckling pass a couple of weeks ago from the same parents. You might have seen them on here before. Here's a pic.
One of these twins is mom.

This is dad.

I don't know which one of the females is the mom cause they both lay in the same place. If i want to find out which one is laying the baby's with problems i would have to separate them.

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