help Black Australorp hen cant hatch eggs

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    Feb 21, 2011
    oxford, Pa
    she started laying on eggs 24th of june(5 eggs) they spoiled and i guess she knew because she took them out her self. then she let our other six hens lay in her box, she had 3 eggs two weeks ago. Then i checked three days ago and she had 10 under her(none of her own all white leghorns. aracuna, and rhode island red) she cracked 1 so i took it out and took another one out to lighten her lode. she only has 8 now. I think this hen has so much trouble, I thought her first try should have worked since our Delaware Blue rooster does his job a lot. What do you think is wrong? idk if i should by chicks and put them under her or what? i just fell bad because she wants to be a mom sho bad and only gets up once a day to eat drink and poop then goes right back on the eggs! any ideas?
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    I have a BA hen who has tried and failed 3 times, don't know why. I finaaly just gave her some chicks, now shes a happy momma. She's the only broody australorpe I've had. [​IMG]

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