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    I have a three year-old Black Star hen with a huge crop. She was one of my heaviest/strongest birds until about a week ago. I noticed her getting lethargic and not eating with the others. I'm assuming she was the one having watery poop (with a little green in it), but she wasn't segregated at that point. The birds have just resumed outside foraging (only an hour or so per day due to hawks) after a long winter. They are eating some fresh grass when they get out.

    Anyway, she was very skinny and I thought she might have coccidiosis and put her on medicated chick food before realizing her crop was impacted. She ate some of that and ate some bread crumbs and drank a bunch of water when I brought her in the garage. Yesterday, I found her crop was huge, and she's making gurgling sounds. So, last night I added Apple Cider Vinegar to her vitamin water, and she is drinking some. Also gave her bread crumbs soaked in olive oil, and she ate a little. Tried massaging her crop downward, but it caused her to regurgitate and more gurgling sounds. She had a small poop overnight. More than watery, but still diarhea.

    Can anyone tell if we are making progress towards a good outcome here? I never had this happen yet in three years, so still learning.
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    now try it.. the link above.
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    I don't think I would they were talking about a bigger bird not a baby I think? and its sounds difficult enough that I'd be afraid to try to try it.. KIm
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    ?? try what?

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