HELP boody hatching eggs

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bridgetteanne, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Apr 6, 2011
    I have a broody hen. she had 8 eggs under her. two of them have hatched last night or this morning, good looking chicks. they are eating have not seen them drink yet. but she has 6 more under her. she seems to concern with the two that have hatched to sit on her nest . Will the eggs still hatch?????

    i also have a little concern with the other hens in the coop. she has been great in her little wooden crate sitting. but now that the two have hatched i moved them into a big tub. her wooden crate fits in there perfect. now the little ones can eat and drink with room ( no room for anything else in the crate.) should have done that when i first notice she was broody. anyhoo. will the other hen leave them alone. I do not have a top to the tub and Mamma is doing a great job protecting them so far but it just makes me nervous. i have 9 other hens one rooster.

    I do also have a heat lamp on right now but i did read in other post that, that is not going to be necessary.

    I appreciated any input, Im very new to this.

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    If she does her job, mama will both keep the chicks warm and protect them from the other hens. Unfortunately, she will probably abandon the other eggs, though. Maybe she will sit on them tonight and some more will hatch.

    I've had broodies raise about 6 clutches in the coop, in with the rest of the flock. No disasters, but that's not a lot of experience, I realize, and things do go wrong. The big advantage is, when mama decides she's through mothering, usually around 4-6 weeks, the rest of the flock is used to the young ones and will leave them alone. Mine have tended to stay together, off to themselves, til they were full size. If you separate mama and chicks for the 4-6 weeks, you will probably then need a separate place for the chicks to grow to full size when she is through with them. When they are through being a mama, they will peck the chicks to run them off. Of course that could lead to disaster if they are in a small pen and she can't join her flock.
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    Quote:You can pick up the other eggs and gently shake will either here peeping or liquid moving around. I keep mine in a separate pen next to the main coop. The rest of the flock free ranges so they are always next to the mom and babies. You do not need a heat lamp Mom will keep them warm. We had a cold snap when my chicks were born and they still were skittering around outside in 50 degree weather in 2 days. They just zip under mom to get warm. Make sure your babies can get in and out of the place you have them.

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