Help broken leg on my beloved roster


9 Years
Oct 1, 2011
Help please what can I do ? Splint the leg on A aggressive roster I'm afraid of hurting him even more !! Can I give him human pain meds. ( Vicodin) Thank You any advice is greatly appreciated
you absolutely do not want to let that sit. as for painkillers, give him some very low-dose painkiller. you can crush the pill in half and mix it in with a little bit of water or food to give to him that he will eat right away. Advil has 200 mg which is way too much but if you have anything like baby aspirin that is around 80 mg crushing that in half would be okay for him, anything around 40mg wont do him harm. if you can, get him to a vet immediately, they will most likely fix him right up, but if you don't have any nearby vets.. you could try to do it yourself, although you could risk causing the rooster pain, not setting the bone right, making the bandages too tight, etc.. if you can, the vet is the best option. I had a pullet with a broken leg, broke it when it got caught in a fence trying to escape a fox, and i thought it was dislocated until i brought her to the vet and they said it was actually a fracture but it was too late to do much other than an attempted splint but it healed totally backwards and the poor thing could barley walk. it was too late for the splint to do any good.

where is it broken, what does it look like, how did he break it, how long ago, etc.? pictures?
NO VICODIN! If you want to give him a little relief, Try baby Tylenol.

Now, deep breaths.

This woman treated a rooster with a broken leg with great success.

Good luck!
oh and if you have to do it yourself, try to do as much research as you can and look up how to bandage/splint it before you start anything. you could also try calling a vet for advice.

when my little pullet had her broken leg, the vets actually put the leg in place, bent it up against her body, and just wrapped bandages around her whole body to hold the leg there. but it kept falling off and her leg was really badly broken, so you might not want to try that until you have an idea of what to do. best of luck, to you and your roo!
He wont be aggressive with fresh broken leg, You should be able pick him up and work on him easily. If you do it yourself get someone to help so it goes easier, one to hold the bird and other to work on the leg.

Set the leg then wrap with thick layers of gauze to give padding to splint. Use a tongue depressor or popsicle stick for splint, continue wrapping with gauze to hold firmly then flex tape over it all. You'll want the leg in a bent position so later he can sit down, if you wrap/splint it straight he'll have a hard time moving and resting.

Good luck, we just went through this, ours has splint off and still bandaged after 5 weeks.
After reading many threads im not 100 % sure its a broken leg First thing tomorrow I will exam him and if needed splint the leg myself the procdure seems straight-forward I will but him in a dark pillow case to try to keep him calm otherwise about 40mg asprin vitamin solution and a high calcium feed THANK YOU all
My dog have gotten an allergy related staph infection and it was hurting and itching him, so I just cut a benadryl in half, put it in cottage cheese and he ate it. I'd purchase craft Popsicle stick and vet wrap (wrap you put on horses legs etc) and put the sticks on each side of his leg, maybe on front and back too. Wrap the leg in vet wrap to hold in place. Put him in a small confined area maybe in garage, laundry room, basement, anywhere where you can access easily and is warm. Put food and water close together, so he doesn't have to walk far from one to another. Put a towel or something over on side of his space so he can have his little "private" side to be by himself. As far as the aggressive I doubt he will be aggressive with a broken leg, and if he realizes your helping him.
If you do a splint, be sure to put some padding (such as gauze or paper towel) around the leg before applying anything else. [If you add in a hard object such as a popsicle stick, the padding will help minimize pain and bruising, too.]
If you wrap with vet wrap (the stretchy stuff), only use a gentle stretch while wrapping.
Ignoring either of these two measures can make the bandage too tight against the leg & restrict circulation. That can cause serious problems.

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