HELP! BROODY CAN'T WALK (vit b deficient?)


9 Years
Mar 30, 2013
Beautiful North Idaho!
please help. I have a broody with one week old chicks. I just moved her outside to a pen so that she could walk around with her chicks. I noticed that she hobbles on her hocks and cannot stand on her feet. I have treated her with Ivermectin and put electrolytes in her water. I also crushed a Vit B tablet into her scrambled egg with a squirt of vit D. PLEASE!! Any advice or help. She has chicks to raise.
I gave her Poly vi sol and massaged her today. I noticed that she is very thin. She is so concerned about showing her chicks how and what to eat that she is eating very little for herself. I am going to treat her for worms... maybe she has them. I did not see anything in her poop though. I am going to wait a few days because of the Ivermectin. ANY ADVICE OUT THERE??? Hello???
Today she is a little bit better. I started her on a super b complex vitamin three days ago. It seems to be working. ?? Yesterday she tried to walk on her feet. That is some thing that she has not done is 3 weeks. Her feet do not work right now. Her appetite is good and yesterday she managed to tiptoe to the big girl feeder to eat.

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