HELP!!!!!!!!! BROODY CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 13, 2013
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So one day when i went to the coop my chicken Tweeter didn't come out of the nest box so i pulled her ont of the nest box and i put her in her pen with the rest of the chickens and went in the house and watched them out the window and i went on BYC but i just checked out some threads and i looked out the window and Tweeter was not in there with the rest of the chickens so i went outside and she was in the nest box and sitting on some eggs but she already layed an egg so i put here back in the pen but this time i put her in the small one with the tarp on it and she escaped again then i went back outside and put her in the pen and she keped escaping over and over and i just gave up and let her stay in there
Collect eggs frequently so she doesn't have any to encourage her behavior. Take her out as often as possible, even if she runs back in. I've heard of putting an ice pack in the nesting box and I tried it once, but I'm not sure it really helped because my broody just sort of hunkered down all squished in between it and the side of the nest box. It doesn't hurt anything to try though. The biggest thing is that you have to have more determination than she does--just keep taking her out. Eventually, she'll stop.
I've got a couple of notoriously broody breeds so have just finished making what we call alcatraz lol

It's a small pen inside the main one where I can put broodies so they still have cover and a small area to roam in sight if everyone else.

So far so good, if I get a broodie it goes in there till everyone else has laid for the day then I lock the nest box and let it back in so it can roost with everyone else.

In the morning I open the nest box and if still showing broodie behaviour and sitting on the nest after it should be over laying an egg it goes back to Alcatraz again for another day. So far most its taken is 3 days with silkie coss pullets. In the middle of day two with a full silkie so if it works with her should work for any hen lol

I'd go and spend some time updating your little pen so she can't escape.
What we use with great success, and what I've heard a LOT of people use, is a wire bottomed cage with no nesting material. Some people go so far as to put the cage up on blocks or sawhorses so that there is air movement underneath. We've never put ours up. Works in just two or three days.

The other thing you can try is to just stop her from getting to her standard nest site for a few days. Sometimes when I try to move a broody from the nestbox to a better place to nest (we encourage broodies around here), she'll break by herself because she isn't sitting where she wants to. But if she's sitting tight no matter where you put her, the wire bottomed cage is the best solution.

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