HELP! Bubbles and white substance on chicken's eyes

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    Mar 11, 2014
    Two of my chickens have dry fowl fox since about 2 1/2-3 weeks ago and both, or one of them also have wet fowl pox. The 2 1/2 months old pullet barred cochin have bubbles on her eyes since about 5 days ago, and I saw white substance growing in her eyelid(the part facing the eye). The white substance looks like the one that is growing in her mouth. Also, the cockerel that is about the same age as her, started to have bubbles on it's eyes since yesterday. Only one eye have bubbles for both chickens, and a black wart(dry fowl pox) is located on the eyelids of both chickens. I didn't check if the cockerel have white substance growing in his eyelids. Furthermore, I did try to take out the white substance on the pullet, but it grew back so fast. My other chicks, who are about the same age as them( I bought them at the same pet store 2-3 weeks before I bought the 2) doesn't have any bubbles on their eyes, even though they have wart on their eyelids or near their eyelids, and unlike them, they are not lethargic.

    I saw white substance on her eye today. I hope it is not growing in there, but instead, it fall off on the eye.

    What should I do? I have terramycin eye ointment but it is not labeled for use for chickens, and the broad spectrum antibiotic that I bought last week, is going to be delivered tomorrow. The active ingredients are amoxicillin trihydrate and tylosin tartrate.
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    Terramycin eye ointment is perfectly fine for use in chickens. I also use the spray.
    Unfortunately there is no specific treatment , it is just a waiting game.
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