Help!!!!! Buff Orpington fractured leg


Apr 17, 2018
Jackson, NJ
Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, and it's great for her that you were able to have all this done.
Zinc toxicity is no joke!
Plan on getting or renting one of those big magnets on wheels, and go over your chicken area often, when you can. She will be happy to do this again...
All the best,
I never heard of those magnets, I'll have to look into it. Her comb and wattles are much redder than they were before the procedure. Hopefully her anemia will start to improve. I'm going to make her some eggs for dinner.


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Feb 2, 2020
For the tablets- can you hide them in her favorite fruits? My girls will jump through hoops for grapes so maybe find something you know she really likes and pop the tablet in half or quarters, then hide inside yummy treats. Each piece will be smaller and easier to hide that way.

Magnet- Home Depot or Lowe's has a magnet wand. It looks like a skinny flat swiffer mop, almost, but is quite a bit heavier. I'm glad I have mine.

I'm so glad so see (read) that you found a good vet who could take care of her and she is on the mend. Did the new vet say anything about possible nerve damage or did they think everything would heal up in time?


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Apr 10, 2016
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We have to bring her back in a week to recheck, possibly re-cast. and then again a week later. They will take another X-ray to make sure everything is setting well. They said the X-ray will be simpler and cheaper.... If you knew how much this has cost me so far you'd be sending the guys with the straight jacket over....

I think I now have the world's most expensive chicken. and we can't even eat her...

I'll have to throw out all her eggs for quite a while until all the meds are out of her system.
Yeah, you might have me beat on expensive chicken, though my little Rusty was up there with a hospital stay, abdominal lavage, several avian vet visits and two hormone implants. We’re not crazy; we just love our birds!

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