Help! bully chick and bleeding chick


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Mar 7, 2018
I have had adult hens for several years but have never raised chicks before. I have 3 chicks, about a week old, from a store that are all different breeds. Thy Wyanndote keeps pecking the Brahmas nose (I guess its the comb?) and its bleeding. I have moved the bully into its own small box next to the original box with food, water, etc. I even put a small mirror in so it doesn't feel so alone. I gently washed the bloody spot of the Brahma with hydrogen peroxide diluted with water, then applied antibacterial cream (made sure it had no lidocaine or any other caine ingredients). I got all the info of what to do from internet searches, but it was all for adult chickens, I couldn't find info on babys in this scenario. Is there anything terribly wrong with what I have done? What else should I be doing? Any advise or encouragement is greatly appreciated!

bloody nose.jpg side by side boxes.jpg
Sorry about your little one! The tough thing about chickens (even from their earliest days) is that blood red inspires canabalism. So, once you have an open wound, the other chicks just cannot leave it alone. Good that you separated them, but eventually they will need to be together. Check and see if blue-coat is safe for chicks. It just changes the color of the wound to a non-interesting blue shade, and it's sold at many local farm stores.

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