Help! Bully Rooster


Sep 27, 2020
So I thought I had 14 hens with 1 rooster. Turns out I may have 2 roosters. They’ve gotten along now for 4/5 months even living together in a smaller coop than they are in now. For some reason in the last week my rooster is seeking out a particular chicken (which may be another rooster) and tormenting it. I’ve noticed some blood on the face and the chicken hides it’s head in the corner. What can I do?
Rooster or roaster? I have two in the same flock but my ratio is more than 10 hens to 1 roo. Much less than that or less room and they will fight. Its the nature of us fellas protecting our women.
The rest I am 100% sure are hens.. this is the only one in question. Doesn’t crow and hasn’t laid so I’m just not sure. Should be about a year old or close.


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Also I’ve never seen it try and mate.. but the dom roo tries to mate with it unless it’s just a dominance thing to do that to another rooster?
I am not sure what the gender is in those breeds. But I always try and solve for peace in the flock, and you don't have that now. Even if he is not attacking other birds, they are still picking up on the stress.

I would pull the victim, and see what happens with the flock. Either they will settle down and be happy, or he will pick a different victim. If he picks a different victim, then cull the rooster. If the flock relaxes and goes on well, take a head count, and keep it in mind for the maximum number of birds in that set up.

Mrs K

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