Help! Call Duck attacked by hawk has gurgly sound when she breathes.


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I have been searching all over trying to find what my duck's symptoms mean. When I first got to her and picked her up, she had blood around her bill. I picked her up to bring her in the house and check her for injuries. She rattles when she breaths. and keeps making a sound as if she is trying to clear her chest. She is breathing with her bill open as if she is having a hard time getting a good breath. Blood was coming from her mouth and nose, but after a while that stopped. After searching through her feathers, I found a small puncture under her left wing. This wound is not bleeding, and doesn't look open. I could not find any other wounds, which surprises me because I would have thought she would have more than one puncture. I could not check her belly very well because I could not turn her over because she couldn't breath well and on her back her breathing became much much worse.

This happened this evening around 6. It is now 11. I treated her puncture with vetricyn. I can hear her drinking but she isn't hungry. She doesn't seem to want to relax and lay down. She is quiet. Her breathing is not labored anymore, though if she gets upset, the gurgling, rattle is still there.

So, was wondering does this sound like punctured lung? And if it is, is there anything I can do for her? OR does it sound like some other internal injury from the impact of the hawk?

**(I was lucky to find her. I chose that moment to start dinner and was at the kitchen sink and looked out. Behind my home and yard if a farm field, I saw 2 crows dive-bombing something on the ground. I knew the only thing they really worry about are the hawks, so I just took off. I ran out there as fast as I could and saw the hawk take off with nothing in her talons. I second later, I got to my little female duck and new she was injured by her breathing and bloody mouth)**
Bleeding out of the bill + gurgling chest is generally indicative of a chest injury. If you cannot take her to a vet, I am not aware of too many at home options for treating her. Keep her calm and quiet so her breathing is easier.
This morning she seems good. I am keeping her covered in a crate in my house. She is actually resting now. I don't think she has eaten, but she is definitely drinking. If I peek at her, she hisses at me, but her breathing sounds normal now. maybe the impact of the hawk hitting her did injure her chest, but not severely. Thank goodness she seems fine at the moment.

Wish I had some kind of gun like you see in cartoons that would shoot a net so I could catch these hawks. It is a family of 3 and just a few days ago they were all hunting my property at the same time. I ran out and they finally flew off, but I found by best cuckoo silkie roo dead, no injuries. Thinking he died of a heart attack or he got dropped by the hawk.
Thank you for posting this!! A hawk got one of my chickens this morning and I was frantic. Your post spared me from giving up hope and saving my hen. Some TLC in a quiet place did wonders for her.

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