Help call duck has like egg membrane hanging from her


9 Years
Sep 5, 2010
dublin ireland
My butterscotch duck was missing this morning and I found her under the wheelbarrow,I have found a couple of eggs there lately,so I thought she was just laying so I left her there . I went out this afternoon and checked and there was no egg and she was sitting on her own , when she got up to walk I saw that there was like a White string hanging from her vent.I picked her up and it looks like membrane from an egg , it is about 1and a quarter inches long , I tried to gently pull it but it is stuck .what do I do ? I have her in the warm bath at the moment . She is only starting to lay as she was last years bird. I have searched this site but can't find anything about ducks being egg bound
I left her in the bath for about an hour with some peas to dive for , she seemed quite happy in there then as it was nearly bed time for the ducks I put her back outside with the rest.I checked a while ago and she is asleep with the rest.The piece of what seems like membrane was still there when I checked should I keep her in tomorrow or let her be with the others but just watch her?
My concern would be the others possibly pulling on it. I think I would bring her in by herself where I could keep a good eye on her to make sure nothing else is going on.
Sure hope she does OK for you.
easttxchick Have you ever had a egg bound duck ? I will bring her first thing in the morning ( its 12 40 am here in Ireland ) and do the bath again ,should i pull gently on it or leave it alone?
It doesn't sound like eggbinding to me-it sounds like she hasn't passed a soft shell.
Is she straining, like she's trying to pass anything? I wish I knew whether to tell you to pull on it or leave it be...I just can't make a call like that for you.
Thank heavens, I have not yet dealt with egg binding in any of my ducks.
She seems fine this morning the membrane is gone and I cant find anything on the floor of the coop.She went into the coop again after she got fed and sat as if she was going to lay and I thought I would lock her in and watch her for the day but she made such a fuss and started the others off outside that I had to let her out. will watch her today and see how she goes.Thanks for all your help will keep you posted. Sandra
Oh Sandra,

I was going to email you too see how Lance was doing and I have just seen this thread - I do hope she is OK... keep us updated!


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