Help chick 6 hours out of egg legs not right


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Jul 6, 2008
Central Oregon
An Australorp chick out of a fairly large egg. The chick is large. Took him a long time to get out but he did it. He is dry and in with the others but his legs aren't working right. The feet seem to be in a permanantly flexed poisition and legs are up against his body. He is not walking but is scooting around. Seems in good health and attitude other then not walking. Is this common and does it get better after they have been out of the egg for awhile. I am a vet tech and plan to take him to work tomorrow if he isn't better. Will either try to fix him or possibly euthanize him if there is no hope. Any advice or input would be appreciated.


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Dec 27, 2008
Hello.. We have had the same problem latley. I was told to take a bandaid and split it in half length wise and place it around the chicks legs, with the pad pard in the middle, keep it there a few days and it should gain strength and be able to walk, it worked with my white rocks that hatched this way, I think it is from where their little legs are cooped up in the egg and when they are born it takes some time, but it is important to catch and treat this fast as they sometimes do not make it if you wait , we had no clue how to fi this at first and lost quite a few , but after we started doing this , they turned out fine and grew up well and healthy.. We have one now that is already crowing and he could not walk. You may notice too that like in the bend part of the leg it will be a bit raw or bloody looking from where they are scooting around , this is about where we started the bandaid. Someone , the person who sent me the info said after the chick starts walking you can call yourself a PPT , Poltery Physical Therpist. LOL
Good luck and let me know if it worked for you.


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Nov 19, 2007
chicks often can't walk for the first 24 hours. Give it a day or so before you try anything. They just need to get a bit stronger. Chickie may be just fine.

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