help! chick has picked and bleeding butt!

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    this little guy pasted up when it was about a week old and consequently had a nekkid lil butt. i might has well have painted a target on it. the other guys picked and pecked and just tore it up. it spent a week in isolation while it healed.
    today, (it's 4 weeks old) the other chicks have decided to turn carnivore again and it's little bum is pecked and bleeding.
    is there something i can paint it's little hiney with that is absolutely repugnant to the other birds?

    thanks in advance!
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    Once it heals, Rooster Booster has a pick-no-more lotion that's made of some kind of tar. It tastes horribly bitter and smells funny too. You can find it at most feed stores. There's other options too, but I don't know them so the other BYCers will have to throw their two cents in.
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    1st-- separate it from the rest-- for at least 1 night to rest and recuperate.

    You can buy what is called "Blu-Kote" that you spray on... but for a little one- spray it onto a swab and paint it on.
    It is a antibacterial and colors it blue so the others stop pecking at the area... after it dries, and just before you let it back in with the others, ad a small swipe of Vicks Vapo Rub.. it keeps them from pecking cuz they hate the taste & smell... and it's non toxic.

    Keep it from happening to other chicks by using a red heat light instead of a white one!

    Good luck!
  4. ntiveheart

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    thanks! this lil guy would apparently rather be eaten alive than separated from its buds, judging from the amount of racket it's making over there!
    i thought i remembered about the vicks, but wasn't sure. thanks for the confirmation!

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