HELP! Chick in trouble!


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
Alto, Michigan
My chicks are hatching! I have one however that is in big trouble. It started to hatch last night and when I checked this morning, it was no further in its progress ( 3/4's hatched) and the shell was dried and stuck to it. I carefully peeled away the shell. The chick felt cold so I wrapped it in a clean washcloth and have it on a heating pad in the house. Any advice on what to do next? Does it need water? I am at a loss here. Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated
It definitely will need water. They can live a day or two on stored food from the egg. If it can move around on it's own dip it's beak in a very shallow container of water to show it to it. If not able to get around get an eye dropper and give it a drop or two at a time. You can add a small amount or sugar or molasses to the water for a little extra energy. Also there are additives you can buy and mix with the water that contain electrolytes or infant pediolyte. Keep it warm also like all newborn chicks.Good luck with your little one.
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It is fluffy now and sitting upright . When I brought it in, it was laying on its side, breathing and peeping but clearly very weak, eyes closed. Its eyes are open and its moving around some. I'll give it a little water and see how it does. When should I put it back in with Mama and the other chicks? It still has dries membrane on its back. will that come off on its own? I don't want to hurt it by pulling on the membrane.
You can dampen it with warm water and wipe it off. If the chick is walking around and doing o.k. you can put it back with mom.
Thank you all so much. I love my chickens and panic when there's a problem the natural Mamas can't fix. I will moisten its back a little and see if I can't get him cleaned up. You guys are awesome!
Do read the sticky thread in the "Incubating and Hatching" section. It has fantastic advice regarding problem hatches, what to look for, how to help etc. It saved a few babies' lives on my farm, I can tell you that. Not to mention my sanity!

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