Help! Chicken doing the splits


Apr 6, 2015
I have a roughly 14 week old Ameracauna chick who is doing the splits. It started out just avoiding standing on one leg, holding it up like it hurt. Now it seems to not have control over it. I put her in a separate cage so the others wouldn't pick on her. I've been putting her outside when I can, putting vitamins and herbs (st. John's Wort and white willow) in her food, and giving her vegetables when I can. I can't find anything wrong with her leg. I've looked into Marek's a considerable amount and the classic splits makes me think it could be that. But she doesn't show any other signs of the disease, and none of the other chickens show any signs of it at all. Based on what I've seen about how contagious it is, the others would have gotten it from her also - I wasn't practicing good bio-security. She is in good health otherwise - eats well, drinks well, shows interest in the treats I give her. She does seem to be pretty warm, and pants a lot, but this is Florida after all - 95 for a high today and the other chickens were panting too.

I'm leaving tomorrow on vacation, and my neighbor will be checking on my chicks while in gone. I was going to get an acquaintance who has chickens to take care of Violet, but now I'm not sure - if it is Marek's, I don't want to infect her flock. On the other hand, it's weird that none of the other chickens are having problems, and she doesn't show other symptoms.

And help is appreciated!!

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