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    I've been reading all sort of information on this. One of my girls is prolapsed, noticed it 3 days ago she had an egg that was stuck. I soaked in warm water first night and put honey & witch hazel on it like was suggested in some posts couldn't get the egg out, day 2 soaked her again got the egg out, again soaked her and washed her (used Dawn dish soap), rinsed than applied the honey/witch hazel again. She had a black spot on her that I could not get of but was much better than started. I was able to push the vent back in and with in 2 1/2 hours it was back out... So just got home from work and it is still out but the black spot looks bigger. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Anyone have issues like this? What is/could the black spot be? The guy at the feed store said that it was bad and just to let her go. My only issue is that I go to work and can't watch and take care of her like I should.....I just feel so bad, and I haven't found any vets in my area that work on chickens.
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    The black spot might be dying tissue due to infection/dryness. It might be too late to save the dying tissue, but I would still put some antibiotic ointment (make sure it doesn't contain any "caine" ingredients, as those are bad for chickens) on the prolapse. Honey, too, is a natural anti-bacterial, so continue applying that.

    Also, don't try to push in the prolapse again. Its fine to try it once, but continuing after that one try only serves to irritate the tissue. The thing that worked when my hen had prolapsed vent was to soak her for a good long time (20-30 minutes) in hot (90-95 degree F.) water. With my hen, the warmth caused her to relax, and prolapse just shrunk back in. Applications of Witch Hazel and honey will keep the tissue moist, and as non-irritated as possible. Make sure that you keep your hen in a dark place, only allowing her to eat in the morning and at night, to discourage her from laying any more eggs.

    Another thing that might help your hen would be to feed her/put in her water some calcium. Calcium makes the oviduct's muscles stronger, and will also help fortify the shell of any other eggs that your hen might lay.
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    Here is a link explaining about prolapse and treatment.

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