HELP! Chickens AND Ducks Sneezing!


8 Years
Nov 17, 2011
bunnell, Florida
Hi, for a while now I have had my chickens one by one start to sneeze. in the last few months they have ALL STARTED SNEEZING! OMG IT SERIOUSLY PISSES ME OFF! In May I bought 10 Pekin and 4 Muscovies. Now THEY and the rest of my ducks sneeze too! I was going to breed them... but it would be wrong to sell sick birds.

They are about 95% mite free, nearly all(except one rooster) are at a healthy weight, and though they're all mid moult... I'm still getting a few chicken eggs. I even got one duck egg today after about 35 days of slacking. They also consftantly shake and occasionally scratch their heads.

Here are the ages and ammounts of birds... if that relps.


About 15 ranging from 1-3 years--- all layed nicely this year and are the parents to my youngest group.

About 12 muscovies --- early May to early July 2012 ages. All females that began sneezing late October.

About twelve Pekins--- Hatchery stock from Ideal Poultry. Bought around May 15th. Started noticibly sneezing last week. Like the Muscovies as they were raised together.

About 18 young 1-3 month old fledglings--- began noticibly sneezing two days ago.

Chickens are of all ages. 2 wks - 6.5 yrs.

About 40 chickens 6 mos - 6.5 years.

Roughly 8 three week olds. 6 sfix week olds and 5 eight week olds.

Many began to sneeze about August- but some as early as February or march. I believe it is an air or mucus borne virus. There is no runny eyes or Gape worm. Isn't fowl pox and I've had only one or two casualties from this. And it was an old hen that had a hard yellow smelly "lump" on the inside top of her mouth. A couple 8 m.o. pullets started to develop this 2 weeks later but I gave them some Mycoplasma medicine before it escalated so now the sparsely sneeze. No one else has "the smell". I know the rancid smell because I lost several chickens and turkeys in the 2011 summer.

Also... birds free range every other day and water is changed every other evening as well. I am definately not the only one writh this problem--- I have met many people this year with it. Except theirs were in my opinion a bit worse. I live on the east coast of north central florida is that info is of any help too.

If any more information is needed please don't hesitate to ask! I REALLY would like to find a water or feed mixable cure. I was told by a friend that Tylan 200 for Cattle would work.. but diagnosing over 100 LF birds 3 times daily would be next to impossible for an amateur such as myself.

And a veterinarian is not an option either. Not is a massive poultry liquidation. :'(
Lol. I don't think I mentioned or clarified this so I'm doing it now:

*injecting* tylan into the birds one by one according to body weight would be impossible, i mean.

And by 95% mite and lice free I mean the chickens. The living conditions and water is good enough so mites on watersfowl is not an issue. I also don't believe internal parasites would cause them to sneeze like this.

The hen that died had what I believe to be a form of mycoplasis and wasn't sneezing before then were had also had a very nasty --- very humid and rainy week then.

Lol. What a mess huh? THIS is why you HAVE to quarantine ALL new birds before letting them into your flock. And keep quaranting CAGES away from your flock too.

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