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    Jul 19, 2015
    I'm sorry, not sure where to post this

    We are having some building work done in front of our house, so builders keep coming and going through the garden door. The door is very flimsy and it is very difficult to open and close, so we leave it open for the builders to come through.
    However today two of my chickens escaped through the open door. Luckily my parents found out (i was at school) and my dad found them in a bush a street away.
    The chickens will almost definitely try to escape again. How can I stop the chickens from escaping but still make it able for the builders to exit and enter easily... Please help, all ideas will be appreciated.

    P.S There is no chance that i can leave the door shut because the builders need to keep wheel-barrowing the dirt (they are digging a base) into the skip that is our driveway.

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    Is your coop an actual building where they could be locked in until the workers are gone, or do you have a little doll house coop? Is there a way you could put up some temporary fencing to keep them in until the construction is done? Confinement may be necessary until they can roam your yard again.

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