HELP Chicks are dying.


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
I got an order of chicks from ideal today and they all seemed fine at first. Then one couldn't move its upper boday and was trying to push itself along with its legs, it died then another one of the same breed and color(buff silkie) did the exact same thing and i think that it might die too. I have no idea what is happening, It almost seems like their neck is broken but i don't think that would have happened to 2 of them out of my order of 6 poultry 3 are dead and one close to it. PLEASE HELP
Thats a shame! Like someone handled the box ruff or something, maybe they need some water with vitiamins?? Sooo sorry for your loss. Did you call the hatchery?
Are they day olds? Where are they being kept, inside or out? Do they have enough heat and away to move out from under the lamp if to hot? What are you feeding them??
Hmmm.... tough question. Do a search, top right, for "wry neck". See is that sounds like the symptoms.
Do a search on here for wry neck and see if you think that is the problem. Give vitamins. Silkies are prone to brain damage.

And call Ideal tomorrow.
I think that it was wry neck and both of the ones that died from it were silkies. I really hope that this won't affect any of my other chicks
thanks for everyones help. And to sunsetswest they were shipped as day olds(took them 4 days to get here) They are being kept inside in a brooder, I am feeding them chick starter and they seem fine with the heat lamp.
And I've already emailed Ideal.
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wry neck is not contagious..
might have been caused by lack of water and vitamins..
did you dip beaks in water when they arrived?

or, as others posted..injury to head.
try and get some chick vitamins if you didn't order with the chicks.
It took them FOUR DAYS to get there?
That's probably part of your problem. Did you dip their beaks in vitamin water when you unboxed them? Are they drinking?

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