help choosing a bantam breed for a newbie!


7 Years
Aug 10, 2012
Hi, all. I'm pretty much finished with my new coop (I'll post photos when I'm done) and am reading everything I can get my hands on about chickens, in preparation for getting my first small flock next spring. I know I want bantams, but I'm going to raise the flock with my grandsons and want friendly and calm birds. I live in Maine so they will need to be hardy. I desperately need your suggestions! Thanks in advance.

Silkies are the sweetest, tamest of all...not to mention being really cute! They're the lap dogs of the chicken world!

Cochins would be my next choice.

Individual of any breed "can get aggressive", especially at breeding time, but I've found these two breeds do more dancing and circling rather than flogging and pecking.
thank you so much! I was thinking cochins. Now all I need to do is find somewhere to get them. The feed stores I've checked with only get "assorted" bantams.
Silkies *can* be okay in colder climates, but for me, the bigger issue is rain. Because of the structure of their feathers, they seem to get waterlogged a bit more than my other birds. I have cochins too and they are sweet as well. My bantam Salmon Favorelles are REALLY friendly too. If you want to go with hatchery stock, try one of the hatcheries like Ideal or McMurray. They can usually get assorted cochin colors. There is always the option of trying to find a local breeder or hatching eggs off of eBay or here in the classified sections. Also, I have quite an assortment of different bantams AND some large fowl breeds as well. Personally, I like the different breeds. They all bring a bit of something different to the flock. Perhaps assorted bantams wouldn't be a bad idea. I'd ask what is in the mix though. Good luck and enjoy your birds!
I've got three little Welsummer bantams in the coop right now, I've never had them before and I'm really enjoying them. They are very docile and friendly, happy to perch on my knee when I go in the coop and don't mind being picked up and held. Fun little birds. My Pet Chicken also sells EE bantams which I think would be interesting to. I agree with 4hchickmama, an assortment is always fun!
Right now I have sikies, cochin, polish, favorelles, d'Anvers, a few bantam mixes, and then two big buff orpingtons...oh and some pekin ducklings. I love the assortment. My friend has some welsummers and some wyandotte bantams and she says they are all very friendly as well. I have to say, we love the big girl orps too. They are so friendly. My 2 year old walks around with one in her arms every time we are out in the yard. They could totally run from her if they wanted, but they don't. I end up with chickens in my house all of the time :D

Thank you all. This website is so much fun, hard to get back to work today!
I will ask the feed store about the assorted bantams...if they are being shipped to Maine, I would assume (wouldn't you???) that they can handle Maine winters.

The only other question I have is what if I end up with 6 roosters and 6 hens? Is there a good place to get sexted birds? Or do most people just take their chances?

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