**HELP** Could This Be Marek's??

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    Hi All,
    I have a 5 month old Gold Laced Polish roo. I got him as a one day old from Sand Hill Preservation. He always seemed to be growing up a little different. He walks kinda weird and lays down a lot. His toes seem to stay stiff and spread when he walks. He takes a few steps then lays down. He will grab your fingers when you hold him. He does eat/drink/ and poo normally. He is locked up at night, and is a secure run during the day. They others have grown up normally. He will run around for brief moments, and he does forage a little with the others. He does stay close to them, he is not ruffled, secluding himself or other wise acting weird. He just walks strange and lays down a lot. I am still new to chickens, does this sound like Marek's? Any thoughts anyone has, please let me know!! This is my youngest sons favorite guy and we don't want to loose him! Thanks for reading!!
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    Were the birds vaccinated for Mareks? Even so, if this bird doesn't have an immunity, he can live out his life until you decide it is time. I just had to put my 3 year old rooster down who was doing the same thing. His legs were going through gradual paralysis. I believed it was Mareks. I have seen this behavior in young birds with scoliosis (kinky back) too. If it isn't too bad the bird could live awhile as long as he isn't uncomfortable. Make sure he gets the best feed and nutrients. Many would recommend culling birds with kinky back. You can decide for yourself. I took care of a hen and rooster with kinky back and they had a good life until it was time. Without quality of life, it is best to be laid to rest. We treat them better than industry does.

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