Help! Day 20, Pips, Can't get humidity up!


7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
First, thanks to all that have so quickly responded with all my questions to recent posts! :)

Today is day 20 and I have three eggs that have pipped inside the incubator. On day 18, I filled the water reservoirs and due to experience last time, added wet sponges to get the humidity up. I checked on the temperature and humidity yesterday and today and can't seem to get my humidity high enough. It is holding at 67% but isn't it supposed to be between 70 and 80? I don't know if I should open the incubator and mess with the humidity or leave it where it is since I have three pipped baby chicks. I know that they can get stuck to their shells if I open the lid but isn't too low a humidity a problem too?

Thank you in advance to anyone that knows what to do!

Do not worry everything will be ok!
I had success with 65% and less,
and any way are you sure that your humidity meter reads the truth ? most of then are plus minus 5% some times more
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Thank you so much for responding! I don't know if it is correct as I don't have a second hygrometer in the incubator. This is the second time I have attempted hatching eggs and I really want it to go well as the first time was a nighmare. I am sure that I am worrying too much! I appreciate your information!

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