help! day 24 and egg shows external pip, but no progress or sounds, and only fur visible


8 Years
Apr 7, 2013
hi all, wondering if it's time to intervene -

I pulled the other 4 chicks that hatched out of the incubator, as it was approaching a couple days and they were knocking into everything. One of the 2 remaining eggs has an external pip, on the very bottom of the egg - not sure if I didn't see it and the chicks moved this egg to be upside down before I pulled them out, or if the pip happened after.

Either way, I'm not sure if I should pull it out and try to candle & tap, and if still alive try to assist with hatch, or just leave it. It's been like this for well over 24 hours. No clue if it's still alive.

this is my first time ever hatching, so any help is appreciated!

For what it's worth, the temp has stayed steady, and the humidity is as well. It has consistently been between 65-70% since lockdown. Even during the time I quickly opened to pull the chicks out, which took about 4-5 seconds, and didn't open the lid the whole way (I have a bluetooth sensor in the bator, which shows real-time temp & humidity), so I can confirm the humidity didn't take a huge dip when I quickly opened it.

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