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Hi all,

I have done a lot wrong from the building of the incubator to too many eggs in it. However, I had 12 with developing chicks at proper stage I think going into lockdown last week. I have a homemade still air incubator and have kept the temp averaging at 100, humidity may have been a bit high early ~50 sometimes lower. I have kept it up since lock down at over 60. So I was about to give up Wednesday night when I came home to one having pipped on the side of the egg. I kept the membrane moist and last night it hatched and this morning I moved the little fella into the brooding box. It appeared that he had pooped in the shell and the lower shell half had blood tinges liquid. He also had some stuff dragging from behind which I left alone until this morning when I carefully looked at it - it didn't seem to be bloody or have blood vessels so I snipped it off about an inch down from the vent cause the chick kept getting tangled by stepping on it and I thought snipping was better then it pulling on it when steeping on it. Anyway no blood from the snip. So I have two main areas where any assistance is greatly appreciated: telling whether the little chick is deformed; and; what about the remaining aggs.

The baby seems to be floppy which seems to be somewhat normal per utube videos. Should on side of the neck be stronger than the other so that it is crooked? Or will this work its self out now not cramped in the egg? How soon should it be able to stand-up and walk forward? It is getting around just floppy and usually backwards. Should it be able to right itself when it ends up upside down?
It certainly has good lungs with all the peeping! and seems at least interested in the crumbles - I can't tell it is actually eating them.

Now the eggs, I went ahead and tried candling and all but 2 were almost completely dark. So next I did the float test from the quail forum and all were low floaters with one barely floating but I put it back in the incubator too just in case. While I did the float test I looked for any cracks or pip holes and found none. So when to stop? When they all sink on float or will they continue to float if dead but had fully developed? There already is a smell but I can't tell which egg or eggs it is coming from.

Should my little one not be deformed and lives will it be okay by itself for the couple of months before it goes to live on a farm?

Again any advise is very much appreciated!
That "poop" you are seeing is probably left overs from yolk absorption. Its pretty gross, and does look like a dookie, but its normal. Next time leave it, it will dry up and fall off on its own :) And yes, newborn chicks are very floppy and uncoordinated. Just like baby people. It usually takes them a few days to find their legs and get control of themselves. Some will manage to flip themselves on their backs and get stuck there, just right them and wait for them to gain strength. They'll figure it out.
On your float test, any viable eggs should have floated with the big end just above the water surface. It should also wiggle if its alive and working on getting out. I would for sure get rid of the 2 eggs that weren't on course with the others. I think I'd also pull each egg out of the bator and do a sniff test. You really need to find that stinker(s).
One more thing, and this is just what I'd do personally, but since you're on day 26 you might pop the top on a couple to see if they've quit. If you do, go in carefully at the air cell. If they're alive they'll probably peep at you. Or at the very least wiggle. If they are alive, STOP IMMEDIATELY and put them back into the incubator.
Good luck, don't panic. I've had chicks wait until day 27 to hatch (and scare me half to death). If your lone chick doesn't get a buddy, a feather duster and a mirror are decent enough company for a while.
thank you, thank you

it is from the navel that I had what I thought was poop and have since washed it gently and applied Neosporin just in case - stupid of me really to not realize it was the navel not the vent! I though it might have pasty butt.

how to I open the top to check?
Figured it out how to open (handwork with a small drill bit) and bad news abounds - none of the others were alive. Several were fully formed it looked like but didn't move into position or pip to the inside air pocket - I watched for several seconds and touched them through the membrane to be sure they weren't alive. Two I opened all the way and they even looked like the yolks had been almost absorbed.. Some weren't fully formed and had a lot of liquid - I didn't examine too much a bit too sad.

So my little one is alone - I'll go to the store and get a feather duster like you suggested. thanks

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