Help! Day 28 and the power goes out!

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Oct 17, 2013
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Ok so today is day 29 we lost power for 3 hours yesterday and the incubator got down to 77 degrees! Are these eggs going to hatch? Not a pip, or anything yet. Someone on here told me it can be 29 days for mallards. When do I know if they didn't make it?Also, When I took them out of the turner, and layed them on the tray for lockdown, I never changed the temp. The thermometer read 99 but on day 2 I put a lower thermometer in there because I realized that the eggs are now lower in the incubator. Well, mthe temp at egg level was 95! I didn't realize 2 inches lower made such a difference. Did I total screw them up?
Hopefully it will be okay, I wouldn't give up hope yet. Maybe you could candle again and look for movement. Even if none hatch you can always look at this as a learning experience right??!!
This morning is day 30. We candled them right before lockdown and they were moving, one looked really healthy the other 2 had less movement but still, they were alive. Still NOTHING! Im going to candle them today but I have a feeling hatching duck eggs is going to be harder than I thought. Very disappointed.
After candling and seeing no movement in any of the eggs, I assume they didn't make it. I will wait until tonight to dispose of them I just don't want them to explode or find that they were just resting when I candled them. the heat was low a few times so maybe they will just be late. There is no discoloration on them and aside from no movement, they look like normal full term eggs. No pips and I don't think they internally pipped by how the candling looked.

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